How does pollution impact on the skin

How does pollution impact on the skin?

Pollution air particles can be up to 20 times smaller than pores in the skin, which enables them to easily penetrate deep into the skin barrier. These particles cause damage to the skin and accelerate development of pigmentation, wrinkles, clogged pores and inflammation and allergic reactions.

What is pollution?

Types of pollution that we cannot see are car exhaust, industry also cigarette smoke is associated with damaging the skins DNA.  Dehydration on the skin can indicate pollution to the skin, which increases wrinkles, lines and rough, dull skin.

Here are some steps to prevent premature aging

Helping  the skin breathe.

Cleans the skin thoroughly morning and night with a quality cleanser and exfoliating scrubs, we recommend the ASAP  Daily Facial Cleanser, Gentle  Cleansing Gel and Daily Exfoliating Facial Scrub.

Why antioxidants?

Using products rich in antioxidants,  layering serums into the skin after your cleansing morning and night will help hydrate and repair free radical damage to the skin. These include Super A+ Serum, Super B Complex, Super C Serum, Moisturising  Daily Defence SPF 50+, CC Correcting Cream SPF 15, Ultimate Hydration, Advanced Hydrating Moisturiser.

Protection is the key!

Protect the skin every day even on cloudy days, with a SPF sunscreen as the pollution and UV light will still be damaging to the skin.  By using a mineral make-up will double  your protection.

Stimulate your DNA.

Repair and restore the skins natural barrier with the latest technology in anti -pollution skincare.  DNA Renewal treatment from ASAP protects and stimulates the skins natural repair pathways.

Nourish the skin!

Including penetrating  facials, that put nourishing products deep within the layers of the skin cells, this will encourage healthy  skin growth leading to smooth skin.  Treatments like microplus use sonophoresis sound waves to deliver skin care deep to cells, where they are much needed.

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