IPL Hair Reduction

Facts about IPL  treatments

Excess hair on any part of the body can be a very disturbing for individuals who finds it annoying. If regular shaving and waxing is something that you hate to do, there is a way out –IPL.   This helps to get rid of any unwanted  hair.

This is a proven and effective way of keeping unsightly body hair from growing back and keeps your skin hair-free.

Most celebrities undergo this procedure as it is acknowledged as the most effective, painless and permanent hair reduction removal.

Another  popular permanent hair reduction treatment is the laser hair removal which works through intense application of a measured amount of heat. This  disables the hair follicles in the body. This  method can take  longer duration session than IPL  treatments

It is essential to get this treatment done from a licensed and accredited clinic. Therefore the strength of the treatment required is likely to vary from person to person.  Depending upon the type of skin and hair that the client has, and a unqualified person treating you can result in a harmful treatment.

What you need to know about IPL Hair reduction

IPL permanent hair reduction treatment is fast gaining popularity as the most updated method for permanent hair reduction.

This method will safely and effectively be used to remove unwanted  hairs from the face and body.

IPL too works on the basis of thermally damaging the hair follicle but does vary in nature and technique. IPL uses specific wavelengths of radiation like laser, to reach the correct depth  to remove hair.

It is much safer for the skin too and is reported to cause less skin damage than other methods.

How many treatments will i need?

IPL treatment are offered by reputable salons which conduct the procedure under safe and hygienic conditions. However, do not expect to walk out of the salon hairless after a single session.  Sessions will be spaced every 4 – 6 weeks apart to get the best results.
Permanent hair reduction treatments are available for both men and women and with good results in both cases.

So if you have made up your mind to stop waxing and shaving routine for good. You can safely opt for this procedure for permanent and effective hair reduction.

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