Microblading Eye Brow Tattooing


The popularity of Microblading

There is no doubt that Microblading has become very popular in Australia and in fact the world. Currently, here in Australia, we do not have any regulations with this type of tattooing procedure, which opens the flood gates for amateurs and inexperienced people to be providing this service.


Is 2-3 day Microblading course enough


Presently you can do a 2-3 day course in microblading without being a cosmetic tattooist and start working on clients. This can and be very dangerous to potential clients as they have not had enough experience or have enough knowledge.


Are they using safe practices in anesthetics?


Does a microbladist have enough knowledge in pain management, and what type of topical anesthetics should be used and the strength? do they know the correct level of impregnating the pigment into the skin? With the internet so readily available you can purchase anesthetics online from any country in the world unless this is from a reputable company you are not aware what ingredients are in the product.


Best Practices


I suggest to purchase all anesthetics from a local compound chemist, obviously, this is going to be more expensive but you will certainly have a safe anesthetic to use on clients, thus them being less pain and less chance of complications.


Cross Infection and Health Practices


The Microbladist also need to know the risks of cross infection and have safe health practices. If performing these treatments you should be registered with your local authorities and have Personal Appearance Service Licence. With these procedures, you also need to have good practices in client record keeping, correct consent forms and a quality after care.


What should you ask?


My suggestion is to ask lots of questions when wanting this procedure, how long as the practitioner been performing these treatments, who has trained them, what qualifications do they have, can you see the results of previous clients they have worked on, and even ask to speak with them. Make sure the salon is clean and hygienic and don’t ever rush into these types of treatments as the results could be disastrous.