What is Nano Brows – Microblading – Ombre Brows – Feather Stoke

Nano Brows – Microblading – Ombre Brows – Feather Stroke

What does all this terminology mean? Its very confusing, so how do you choose which method is best for you?  Hopefully, this explanation will help you understand the different methods of Cosmetic tattooing for eye brows?


This method is using a manual tool only but you can use many different shape blades and this would depend on the cosmetic tattooist preference. So these blades are very fine and usually shaped either in a slope pattern or a U shape pattern they are then dipped into the pigment and then are applied onto the skin by breaking the skin open and leaving pigment in the skin to create a hair stroke affect which looks very natural if done correctly.


Nano Brows

This method is using a digital machine with one very fine needle (Nano Needle) to give the affect of the hair stroke, it is also dipped into the pigment and etched onto the skin with the 1 needle.  As these needles are very sharp and have the power of the machine behind them, the tattooist should have training in this method before attempting to perform this treatment. This can look can be extremely natural as well.


Ombre Brows

This method is generally using a machine but some cosmetic tattooist can use a manual tool too. There are no hair strokes being used in this method, and normally is light at the begining of the brow and then becoming darker at the arch and tale of the brow and seems to be very common these days. It will be dark to start with but soften to a powder look after a few weeks if done correctly.  Its not as severe as the block method that was used many years ago, but it is a more defined look, then your hairstokes or microblading.  It seems to be very popular with European ladies. This look is often used in makeup sessions.


Feather Stroke

This has been around for a very long time, originally cosmetic tattooist used a hand tool but now they either use a machine or handtool to acheive this effect and this would depend on their preference.  Pigment is applied to either the blade or the needle and little incisions are made into the skin to look like real hair strokes.


With all Cosmetic tattooing you should choose a qualified tattooist that has many years experience and can show images of his or her work and even ask to see reviews or even talk to previous clients about their procedures. There are many unqualified technisions around that have just completed a 2 day course but have not coverd all the requirements to perform these treatments safely and effectively. So please be very careful when choosing your cosmetic tattooist don’t go on price only, this could mean that they are inexperienced, using inadequate equipment or cheap products and its not worth the risk!   As it could end up costing you a lot more to be fixed,  that’s if it can be rectified and you may need to have a laser treatment to remove the work and this must be done by a qualifed laser expert and these treatments are very costly.