March 5, 2017

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PRICING: Feathering, EyeLiner, LipLiner

We have payment options for each budget.

Eyebrows Latest technique:

Magda Mazurek travels the world teaching the latest techniques in cosmetic tattooing and we are pleased to advise that her Nano Brows technique is now available in our salon.

Nano Brows this includes 2 treatments $650.00 (using a digital machine)
Eye Brow (Deposit $100.00) comes of first treatment
1st Treatment $550.00
2nd Treatment (required after 4-6 weeks) $100

Microblading this includes 2 treatments $550.00 (Using manual Tool)
Eye Brow (Deposit $100.00) comes of first treatment
1st Treatment $450.00
2nd Treatment (required after 4-6 weeks) $100

Eye Brows: Hair Strokes – Feather Touch Technique this includes 2 treatments $555

Eye Brow (Deposit $100.00) comes of first treatment
1st Treatment $455.00
2nd Treatment (required after 4-6 weeks) $100


Bottom Eyelids: (up to medium thickness line) This includes 2 treatments $380
(Deposit $80.00) comes of first treatment
1st Treatment $280
2nd Treatment (required after 4-6 weeks) $100

Top Eyelids: (Up to a medium thickness line) This includes 2 treatments $360
(Deposit $60.00) comes of first treatment
1st Treatment $260
2nd Treatment (required after 4-6 weeks) $100

Top & Bottom Eyelids: (Up to a medium thickness line) This includes 2 Treatments $660
(Deposit $100) comes of first treatment
1st Treatment $560.00
Your perfecting treatment (required after 4 weeks) $100

Lash Enhancements Upper only: (Pigment in lash roots with no visible line) $300
(Deposit $50.00) comes of first treatment
1st Treatment $200.00
2nd Treatment (required after 4-6 weeks) $100

NOTE: (Designer Top Eyelids Price on application)


Full Lips:

Full Lip Color: (Includes defined or soft liner) this includes 2 treatments $650
(Deposit $100) comes of first treatment
1st Treatment $550
2nd Treatment (required after 4-6 weeks) $100


Lip Linner:

Lip Liner: This is from a fine to medium line this includes 2 Treatments $350
(Deposit $50) comes of first treatment
1st Treatment $250
2nd Treatment (required after 4-6 weeks) $100

Soft Lip Liner & Blend: This is from a fine to medium line this includes 2 Treatments $550
(Deposit $100) comes of first treatment
1st Treatment $450
2nd Treatment (required after 4-6 weeks) $100


Beauty Spot: $200
(Deposit $50) comes of first treatment
1st Treatment $150
2nd Treatment (required after 4-6 weeks) $50


For all cosmetic  tattooing procedures it is required to phone the salon on 07 3491 66 55 or 040 666 4117 to book a treatment a deposit will be required to retain your appointment as these procedures will take around 2 hours to perform, and in some cases even longer and for this reason if you need to cancel your appointment we will require at least 2 days notice. If you do not contact us before the 2 days we will retain the deposit to cover our costs.

Deposits are required for all Cosmetic Tattooing Treatments to secure your appointment you can pay either by cash or credit cards we take all major cards.


Cosmetic Tattooing is normally performed with either a rotary pen or a more advanced digital machine and in some cases even a manual hand piece can be used but the operator must be a qualified Cosmetic Tattooist in all of these procedures. These machines are specifically designed for the delicate areas of the face and are less traumatic than your body tattooing machines, which should NOT be used on the face. The needle configurations are quite different too, generally less needles and smaller. Cosmetic tattooists also use different pigments than body pigments which should not be used on the face. When looking for a Cosmetic Tattooist make sure they are qualified and have lots of experience and that you can see before and after photos that they have performed. They should also follow all hygienic procedures to ensure your safety with these treatments. Beware of the online cheap deals there is that saying you get what you pay for and you should never take any risks with your face. So please be very careful when choosing your Cosmetic Tattooist!



Cosmetic Tattooing can reshape poorly arched, uneven eyebrows and can create new eye brows to anyone who has suffered from hair loss, or even have scars in their brows. Eyebrows frame the shape of your face, so its very important to have the correct shape and colour Eyebrows! As you get older you can have loss of volume in lips and start to get lines around your lips and when wearing lipstick it can bleed into these areas, not very attractive look! So this is a great reason to get your lips tattooed either a lip line, blend or even a full lip colour, all these can improve your appearance and make you look younger. Here at Murrumba Downs Beauty Salon we do many different Cosmetic Tattooing procedures, including Eye Liner, Lip Line, Full Lips, Paramedical Tattooing, 3D Tattooing for breast cancer patients and our most popular treatment is now Microblading for Eye Brows, this is a much softer and natural looking Brow look than the Block Method which is very serve looking, not many clients like this sort of cosmetic tattooing.



We carry out a very thorough consultation before starting any cosmetic tattoo treatments, this is when we will decide on the colour of the pigment and the shape that you would like to achieve, you should allow at least 2 hours for these procedures and you will be required to fill out and sign a consent form. At the end of your procedure you will also need to sign off that we have performed the treatment, and disposed of the needle. You will also receive a after care form that explains how to look after your specific tattooing treatment and this should be followed to maximise the results of your tattooing. When making your appointment it is necessary to let us know if you are pregnant or have any medical problems or recently had any surgery and are on any medication that may hinder these treatments if so you may require a letter from your medical practitioner for us to go ahead with this cosmetic procedure.



Initially photos will be taken then we apply a specialised anesthetics this will numb the skin, then when start procedure and the skin is broken there will be applied another anesthetic which is stronger and alleviates most discomfort for clients although every person does have a different pain threshold, most clients are quite comfortable with these procedures although we do suggest for lip line and full lips to either get your local dentist to give you a dental block or alternatively you can make an appointment with our nurse on the day she visits this clinic and she can give you a dental block for a small fee and this will numb the whole mouth area for at least couple of hours which makes this procedure painless which most clients prefer as this procedure can be a very very painful treatment. We use sterile water, sterile dressing pack and all new sterile prepacked needles and consumables for each client and are disposed of at the finish of the treatment as well as any leftover pigments, anesthetics. After the treatment is finished photos will be taken and soothing antibacterial cream will be applied to the area. There can be some redness and swelling but this is normally minimal and should go within 24hours of the procedure.



This depends on each individual as we all have different pain thresholds, but we do use specialised anesthetics before and during the procedure to make this as comfortable as we can for each individual.



It is very unlikely to find a cosmetic tattooist that would perform any form of tattooing on a Pregnant or breast feeding woman as there is not enough evidence of the side effects and there has not been any specific studies on this. But here are a few reasons why not to tattoo on pregnant women or breast feeding women. As most tattooists will use some form of anesthetic prior and during tattooing procedures and these will absorb into the skin and may enter into the blood stream. Also, you are breaking the skin when tattooing and there is a very slight possibility you can get an infection if not cared for correctly after the procedure. There is not enough known about tattooing pigments and how it could affect the growing baby. There is also a slight possibility that some ladies can faint while being pregnant and this would not be ideal while tattooing. It’s always best to be cautious while being pregnant and or breastfeeding, if you don’t need a treatment, wait till you have had the baby and stopped breastfeeding. If you suffer from cold sores we suggest you take a course of antiviral medications 2 weeks prior to having lips tattooed this will help prevent an out break. Using Lysine can also help and if you feel the sypmtoms of a cold sore use lemon balm oil to sooth.

Performing cosmetic tattooing on the wet inner part of eye lids can be dangerous and cause complications like damaging the tear ducts, meibomian glands, also pigment migration can occur this is where the pigment can run underneath the skin and this cannot be fixed by a tattooist you need to seek a medical Doctor that is qualified in laser tattoo removal, so you have to be very careful when a tattooist will tattoo this part of the eye lids.

Also it is illegal to perform any tattooing on a person under the age of 18.



With all cosmetic tattooing the initial treatment will be quite dark but normally fades down approximately between 20-40% with 4-14 days and with lip procedures you can lose up to 60% of the initial colour. All clients will receive home care instructions and these should be followed to achieve best results. Most clients will return for their follow-up treatment after one month from the initial procedure. This is not a requirement so if you do not need any adjustments to your tattooing their is no reason to book another treatments. You should maintain all cosmetic tattooing with follow up treatments as over time all cosmetic tattooing will fade.



Anita Hunt has been performing all different procedures of cosmetic tattooing treatments for over 16 years and regularly attends seminars where international cosmetic tattooist keep her informed of new techniques and latest machinery within the Cosmetic profession, Anita attended a two-day training session with Andrea Darby in the specialised technique of 3D Simulative Areola Tattooing (3D -SAT). Is also Philbrow certified in microblading technique and was one of the 1st in Queensland that has been trained by Philbrows Academy. Anita has a portfolio of her work in the salon which clients can peruse over. Anita is a member of the association of cosmetic tattoo plus an approved member of the Global Cosmetic Medical Tattoo. The salon is licensed with all public health departments and local authorities and we are Pink provider this means if you are in hardship we will reduce the cost of areola treatment to suit the individuals. Cosmetic Tattooists come to Anita for their professional tattooing, cosmetic surgeons also recommend Anita Hunt to their clients for 3D areola treatments.



We use Bio Touch pigments which are formulated with Iron Oxides which are known to be safe for micro pigmentation to the face and body. Because these pigments have more of these particles in every drop, they absorb into the skin much more effectively. The result is less fading and truer colour. In addition to iron oxides, our black shades are carbon based, which has the same chemical makeup as what is naturally found in our bodies, so there is, even less chances of an allergic reaction. We also use the Amiea Derma-safe colour pigments they are sensitivity tested by dermatest, contains no toxic pigments or aromatic amines are sterile and conform to European standards and are manufactured in Germany in a certified facility. We use the highest quality of cosmetic machinery, the Germany manufactured Amiela Linelle Digital machine which gives amazing results with less trauma to the skin and more comfortable for our clients.

Not all organics are equal, some organic brands of pigments boast of having organic compounds, but organics is not always the best choice. Allergies can be more common in organic substances. Some people are allergic to vegetable dye, and pigments with vegetable dye are not stable.

Over 50,000 technicians use these products in 33 different countries daily.


This is what clients are saying about our tattooing!

I have been a client of Anita’s for over 6 years, and over that whole time, I have wanted to get my eyebrow tattooing re done as the shape wasn’t ideal. I would have to be the most particular person when it comes to my eyebrow shape.I have had only one other person over the past 10 years do my eyebrows and what Anita has managed to do with my eyebrows is truly amazing. They are so natural and yet so perfect! After the balancing and colour, the actual shape of my face looks so much better. Anita’s work is absolutely perfect and with precision. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Anita and highly recommend her artistic talent.

T. Pearce

I recently had my eyebrows cosmetically enhanced with Anita and can only say how happy I am with the final result. They look natural and I now feel confident. Anita has a calming relaxed studio, I felt calm with the process. The end result was great and I will continue to revisit Anita. Thank you Anita

Julie A.

Three and a half years ago, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. After a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy I was left with a very different body. I decided to have a Tram Flap (a muscle from your tummy becomes your new beautiful breast.) I was delighted with it. Then one day, Anita contacted me to discuss the possibility of tattooing an areola on it. I agreed. I can’t tell you how proud I am of my new breast with its beautiful new nipple. I look in the mirror and see my new improved self. I am deeply grateful to Anita. The colour and shape are perfect, but more importantly, I feel whole and feminine again. Thank you. Thank you so much.

V. Spanring Brisbane Queensland 17/01/2014

Anita was amazing when she did my eyebrow tattoos. She was so careful and the result was perfect. She phoned me every day for a few days after to check on me and then followed it up again weeks later too. I would trust Anita with my cosmetic tattoos again and would try any of her treatments. I have recommended her to my friends.

A.Nash Brisbane Queensland 20.12.2015

I had my first eye brows tattoo about 6 months ago, I was so happy with my eyebrow! Anita was very professional and caring! I couldn’t wait for touch up in the next few months! Love my eyebrows and save me time !!! Before I have to spent 30 minutes just for my eyebrows pencil drawing now no more

A.S. White 3/1/2016

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Booking for all these treatments is available by contacting 07) 3491 6655 or 040 666 4117.