March 5, 2017

Eye Lash Extensions

Full Set $110.00 (60 min)

Touch ups from $55.00

Removal of Lashes $35.00

looking for that dramatic look for a special occasion, or you just not satisfied with your own lashes maybe they are to small or you don’t have enough and the mascara is just not making them stand out they way you want? Why not try some lash extensions, we have a range of different lengths and colours for each individual. They do say the eyes are the gateway to the soul. In our clinic we do not charge for each individual lash as eyes are all different so we fit them so to suit each client and this way it gives an amazing results.
We suggest to maintain them by having refills every 3-6 weeks apart but this is different for everyone. The products we use are craft a Lash.

Booking for all these treatments is available by contacting us or Booking Online here