March 5, 2017

Gel Toes

Gel Coloured  Toes

Gel Coloured Toe Application $55.00 (45 min)

Refill $45.00 (40 min)

French $60.00 (60 min)

French Refill $50.00 (50 min)

Removal Of Gel $ 40.00 (Allow 60 min)


Can i have Gel toes? Yes and if your sick of your normal polishes smudging and chipping? don’t worry no more smudging with gel coloured products.  We have the most vibrant colours available for all different tastes.  How does gel work ? The gel is applied on your toes with a speciliased brush and you have a base coat and 2 applications of the main colour that you have chosen and finally a top coat which seals everything together.  In between all applications it is cured for a few minutes to set each layer. Your colour can last up to 4 weeks in some cases longer can be used on toes and hands. Add them to a pedicure and pay only half price fantastic value. We use Bio Sculpture gels in this salon.

Gel Colour Polish

Colour Polish Fingers $32.00 (40 min)

French Polish Fingers $35.00 (45 min)

Colour Polish Toes  $35.00 (40 min)

French Polish Toes $37.00 (45 min)

Add with Pedicure or Manicure  only $20.00 (30 min)

Gel colour Polish is similar to your traditional gels except it comes in a bottle just like your normal nail polishsame consistency as nail polish except, it does need to cured in a UV light to set the colours. A base coat is required  and 2 applications on the main colour and a top coat to finish the process. Unlike  traditional gels it is not strong enough to extend your natural nail, the main purpose of it is to maintain the colour for longer with no chimps and smudging like you get with nail polish.


Booking for all these treatments is available by contacting us