March 5, 2017

IPL – Photo Reguventation

Treats  fine wrinkles, fine lines, thread veins, pigmentation, cherry spots


Spot Treatment $35.00 (10 min)

U/Lip $90.00 (10 min)

Nose $90.00 (10 min)

Chin $90.00 (10 min)

Cheeks $110.00 (15 min)

Neck $120.00 (15 min)

1/2 Face $180.00 (min)

Full Face $280.00 (20 min)

Full Face, Neck & Decolletage/Chest $350.00



With all these treatments there should be no discomfort, just a slight sting and a heat sensation to the area being treated. These are best done in the winter months to avoid the sunlight. If done in summer months it is best to avoid being in the direct sunlight at all times for best results.

When having treatments for Photo Rejuvenation usually you will need 3-5 treatments about a 3-6 weeks apart. You will see the maximum results about 6 months after last treatment as this is how long it will take to stimulate the collagen to produce. We recommend to have a maintenance of 1 treatment every 12 months. obviously each individual is different.


Spot Treatments for localised areas of thread veins, pigmentation, cherry spots

When treating age spots with IPL you should see the pigmentation darken around 3-5 days post treatment then a crusting will occur and this could last up to 10 days, then slough off, after this the dark spot will lighten, we recommend you wait about 6 weeks between treatments, untill desired results.

With Vascular treatments you will see some flushing of the treated area and this is quite normal can last from 2- 5 days.


Booking for all these treatments is available by contacting us