What is the difference between Intrinsic & chronological ageing?

What is the difference between Intrinsic & chronological ageing?

Chronological ageing is from the time a person is born to to their current age, cells either slowing down or dying naturally from the ageing process.

Intrinsic is from external influences as Sun, UV damage, pollution, smoking and poor nutritional intake.

We all need the sun for vitamin D our bones and calcium. It also stimulates our endorphins that happy feeling which occurs naturally. But too much sun leads to solar damage, which causes premature ageing, thus leading to pigmentation (Brown Spots), skin cancers and malignant melanoma. 90 % of premature extrinsic ageing is caused by excessive sun exposure.

UVA and UVB Explained:

UVA/Ultra Violet A – (Long Rays) penetrate into the skin’s thickest layer (dermis). It breaks the down the collagen which supports our skin resulting in sagging and wrinkled skin (premature ageing). It also affects the Langerhan cells, these cells recognise abnormalities in our skin. So essentially it’s disabling our own immune mechanisms.

UVB/Ultra Violet B – (Short Rays) are main causes of sunburn as they affect the superficial layers of the skin, which can eventually cause skin cancers.

SPF (Sun Protection Factor)

This only protects the skin against the UVB rays and not the UVA rays.
SPF15 indicates 93% absorption and SPF30 is 97% absorption, against UVA rays.
Australia currently does not have any standards against UVA protection.


There are two types of sun protection products: chemical (organic) sunscreens and physical (inorganic) sunscreens.

Chemical  – absorbs into the skin then absorbs the UV light deeper into the skin, there are also studies indicating hormone imbalances, skin irritation and allergy could be caused by the chemical sunscreens. Also, these sunscreens do break down after a period of time, so you will not be protected.

Physical – reflect both UVA and B rays off the skin surface without being absorbed inside the body, there is a rising trend for these sunscreens to be more popular.